Series: It Takes A Year

A chronicle of the dissolution of young love.

Brooke, a free-spirited woman in her twenties, approaches amateur photographer Will at a concert downtown during a girls’ night out. She doesn’t plan on falling in love with him—let alone break his heart—but in the year that follows they will go through the trials of young love, the perplexity of passion, and the realization that things aren’t always as perfect as they seem. This is Brooke’s story of how she came to love, let go, and learn how to define happiness in her own way.


Series: Can You Find Me?

A group of best friends go scavenger hunting in the woods and discover secrets that will change their lives forever.

Dawn has been looking forward to the summer after high school all year. With her long-term boyfriend Nick and their best friends Katy and Aaron they plan on having the time of their lives before parting ways for college. However, their summer takes a sharp turn after a night of exploration in the woods almost turns deadly. In the weeks following they will become the center of a criminal investigation and discover the hidden truth about their friends, strange events from their past, and how it all ties into a deep web cult with awful intentions.



Personal writing.


Short Stories

Single chapter stories of various themes.