Michelle J.W. aka Ellemwella

Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Creative Writer at heart. I am passionate about many creative hobbies and expressing myself through the arts. I dream of traveling, making a name for myself, and spreading compassion to those around me. 23-year-old KCK native, spiritual humanist and nature lover just sharing her thoughts and stories with the world.

One of my greatest aspirations since childhood has been to be a published author. This blog helps me develop my skills as a writer and hopefully build a platform for sharing my future work. I appreciate anyone who takes time to explore my artistic endeavors, share my page with friends, or otherwise support me in any way they can, even if it just means leaving a quick comment or like.

Some day I hope to make the little girl in me proud, the one who always dreamed of being a profound author and immersing others in the worlds that she’d create.

Thank you for visiting!


Associated Pages

deviantartpinterestfacebookhubpages2DeviantArt: Its-An-Inferno | Pinterest: Ellemwella | Facebook: MJW Artistry Photography | Hubpages: ArdencyAdrift


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